About Us

The Centre for Land Conservation (CLC/Centre) is an independent, registered charity dedicated to building a stronger land conservation community.

Working with our partners we are advancing respectful conservation and stewardship, through collaboration, innovation, and by promoting responsible practices.

Transformative change is needed to halt and reverse biodiversity loss and reach a global goal of living in harmony with nature by mid-century. That urgency drives the Centre’s work to grow and strengthen land conservation in Canada.

Inspired by changemakers, we are working with ambitious conservation leaders everywhere to support durable conservation outcomes and a more sustainable future.

Our Work

Our work is focused in three areas, each contributing to a whole-landscape, inclusive approach to land conservation. The Centre approaches our work with a desire to work collaboratively with partners across sectors and disciplines and a commitment to work towards Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples. 

Collaboration and Partnerships

Building partnerships with conservation practitioners, government, funders, industry and the public to collaborate nationally and regionally to find innovative ways to, conserve, restore, and sustainably manage more lands in Canada.

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Adaptation & Innovation

Advancing conservation practice and policy through evidence-based research and championing new approaches to protecting, conserving, and stewarding lands in Canada.

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Leadership & Performance

Enhancing the capabilities of and building confidence in community-based land conservation organizations and professionals by developing tools and certification for high-ambition organizations pursuing better, faster, durable conservation.

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Commitment to Transparency

The Centre for Land Conservation is committed to transparency. View our latest financial statements here.

March 31, 2023 Financial Statement

CLC Registered Charity Information Return (T3010)

Commitment to Reconciliation

Indigenous Peoples have cared for and stewarded lands, waters, and wildlife since time immemorial. The Centre for Land Conservation recognizes that Indigenous histories, experiences, and Traditional Knowledge are integral to successful conservation and restoration. The Centre also recognizes our responsibility to learn our shared stories and reflect on the colonial history of conservation.


Forever Protected?

Examining the legal and stewardship challenges community-based land conservation organizations face, as well as opportunities to overcome them.

Building a Landscape Conservation Approach

Exploring the potential for Regional Conservation and Climate Partnerships in Canada.