Adaptation & Innovation

The Centre for Land Conservation is dedicated to advancing conservation policy and practice through evidence-based research and the championing of new approaches to protecting, conserving and managing lands in Canada. 

Stewardship Endowment & Conservation Defence

Private conservation lands are crucial to achieving Canada’s biodiversity goals. Community-based land conservation organizations work tirelessly to conserve and restore lands with the goal of protecting them forever. Financial and legal challenges can jeopardize the permanency of conservation lands. After consultations and a ground truthing process with the conservation community, the Centre is currently investigating the feasibility of stewardship endowment and conservation defence funds for community-based land conservation organizations in Canada.

Forever Protected?

Canada now has more than 150 non-governmental organizations working on the ground from coast to coast to coast to protect ecologically important lands and conserve biological diversity. They manage a significant conservation estate and work hard to sustainably manage and protect their lands and agreements. Nevertheless, these organizations continue to voice concerns related to the long-term stewardship and legal protection of their conservation properties and agreements.

CLC analysed the current state of play, in a report that reflects the ongoing and spirited conversations within the private land conservation sector.

Find the full report, here.