Our Team

Staff & Consultants

Bob McLean


Executive Director

Bob McLean joins the Centre for Land Conservation following an extensive career with Environment and Climate Change Canada’s nature conservation programs and initiatives. He brings over four decades of knowledge and experience to CLC, ranging from policy development to program management, intergovernmental relations, conservation partnerships and the regulatory environment for conservation.

During his federal public service career, Bob’s responsibilities included migratory bird conservation and species at risk recovery programs, habitat conservation including protected areas and various habitat stewardship programs, and extensive involvement internationally related to the Convention on Biological Diversity and continental bird conservation initiatives. Since retiring, he has remained active in conservation working with Indigenous, agriculture, invasive species and land conservation organizations.

Bob’s continuing passion for nature conservation is driven by his belief in the importance of a whole of landscape, whole of society approach to conservation and the opportunity to advance reconciliation with Indigenous people through full and effective engagement in conservation and Indigenous-led conservation.

Lara Ellis


Director, Operations

Lara Ellis has over 30 years' experience working to protect and restore nature in Canada. Her areas of focus include conservation and nature-based solutions policy and market mechanisms; project design and management; government relations; partnerships; and organizational development.

Prior to her work at CLC, Lara was Senior Vice-President of Policy and Partnerships at ALUS Canada. During her seven-year tenure the organization saw tremendous growth, enabling new community programs and on-the-ground impact across the country. Before that Lara was at the Ivey Foundation, Nature Canada and CPAWS-Wildlands League promoting forest conservation, protected areas, and sustainable resource use.

Lara is pleased to be a member of the Women for Nature network which links 150 influential Canadian women to leverage efforts to save wildlife and protect nature. Her contribution to developing innovative environmental solutions was recognized with a Clean 50 award in 2017. She has two degrees from McGill University including a Master of Management (McGill-McConnell Program).

Lara enjoys a range of Canadian nature, from daily neighbourhood walks with her dog to annual backcountry canoe trips in Ontario’s Massasauga Provincial Park. She aspires to visit national and provincial parks across the country, especially those with mountains.

John Lounds


Director, Business Developement

John Lounds recently retired as President and CEO of the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Over his 23 years as CEO, John oversaw remarkable growth in the Conservancy’s programs, conservation projects, funding and impact, having helped with the conservation of more than 14 million hectares. Previously, John was Executive Director of the Federation of Ontario Naturalists (now Ontario Nature) and worked for a number of years in senior positions with the Government of Ontario. John is passionate about Canada – “what better country is there to live a life, work hard, love the land, and enjoy the great outdoors?”

John is an advocate for growing the community-based private land conservation movement and creating solutions that will change our trajectory to a nature positive future for ourselves and for generations to come.

Lisa Freeze


Manager, Programs & Operations

Lisa Freeze has spent the last decade working in the environmental non-profit sector. Armed with a degree from Brock University, Lisa started her career at the Nature Conservancy of Canada, where she held diverse roles that showcased her multifaceted skills. Notably, she served as the Executive Assistant to the President & CEO, ensuring seamless operations and providing high-level administrative support to the C-suite, Board of Directors and Committees. Later, she assumed the role of Talent Management Coordinator, where she managed the spectrum of the hiring process for the organization.

Lisa is more than just an administrative powerhouse; she possesses a deep understanding of business operations and relationship management. She has a passion for identifying and rectifying gaps in policies and organizational culture to drive accelerated conservation efforts. In 2018, Lisa successfully completed the Ivey Frontline Leadership Program at the Ivey Academy.

Lisa is a firm believer in the therapeutic power of nature and often seeks solace in the great outdoors. She enjoys kayaking, hiking with her beloved rescue pup and spending Autumn amongst the mountains in Banff National Park.

Robin Lawson


Manager, Business Development

A design thinker and natural facilitator, Robin Lawson’s specialties are in community engagement, communications and program design. She is a strong proponent for meaningful youth engagement and intergenerational collaboration who believes in a whole of society approach to conservation and climate. As a queer woman, Robin deeply values diversity and strives to create space for new voices in the environmental and non-profit sector.

After graduating from Acadia University she spent her early career working in various capacities with the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Robin volunteers as the Vice-Chair of the Canadian Committee for IUCN and as a Director at the Lawson Foundation.

Having spent her university years in Nova Scotia, Robin has a strong connection to the tidal flats and striking cliffs of the Bay of Fundy and looks forward to a lifetime of exploring and learning about Canada’s diverse and wonderful natural landscapes.

Charles Latrémouille


Engagement Specialist for Quebec and Program Officer

Charles Latrémouille is an environmental consultant. He supports organizations in land use planning, strategic planning & continuous improvement, project and program management and evaluation, as well as in change, process, and information management. He is also Technical Advisor to the Biodiversity Excellence Program with Réseau Environnement and a member of the International Standard Organization’s technical committee on Biodiversity (ISO/TC 331) with the Standards Council of Canada (SCC).

Charles worked with the Nature Conservancy of Canada and with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, and was a Board member with the Conservation Measures Partnership (CMP), the Centre de la naure du Mont St-Hilaire and Éco-corridors laurentiens. He has a master’s degree in Biology from the Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue, and a Bachelor's degree in Agricultural and Environmental Science from McGill University.

Charles enjoys spending time in nature with his son and likes encouraging the next generation to take a leadership role in protecting their planet.

Sarah Winterton


Research Lead

Sarah Winterton has extensive experience in Ontario’s environmental non-profit sector, working on policy, program design and implementation, capacity building and development initiatives for over 30 years. Most recently, Sarah held the role of Director, Nature Connected Communities at WWF Canada where she led the development and implementation of innovative engagement programs. Prior to that she was Managing Director at Environmental Defence, and Director of Development at Ontario Nature.

Sarah is passionate about co-creating equitable, inclusive, and just solutions to heal the land and help us transition quickly to a climate resilient future.

One of her favourite landscapes is the Saugeen Peninsula (aka the Bruce Peninsula), located in the traditional territory of the Saugeen Ojibway Nation. The limestone cliffs, caves, ancient cedars, alvars, and clear waters of the peninsula inspire awe and humility.